Q20 Power Amplifier

Q-20 Power:

Gain: 22V

Power output:

  • 3W class A, followed by class A/B

  • 35W/8

  • 60W/4

Bandwidth: 250KHz​

DF: 70

The EWA Q-20, like low power valve amplifiers, is capable of stunning musicality and presence in the right system. The SECA circuit consists of a SECA (Single Ended Class A) input driver stage, and a powerful output stage that operates in class A push/pull and A/B.


Producing thirty five Watts RMS total output into 8 Ohms, partner the Q-20 with efficient loudspeakers and you will be treated to the full EWA experience. This includes a truly expansive mid-range with exquisite detail retrieval, hanging in a dense and stable sound-stage. Treble is notably clear and defined, without any leaning toward harshness or bite, and with a properly rich tone. Bass, whilst not earth shattering is linear and quick with good warmth and slam. In bass control particularly the Q-20 excels over similarly low output valve amplification.

The Q-20 is an amplifier which will leave you wondering how it does all this in such a small box, without becoming really, really hot. It is not class D, it does not cheat; Colin Wonfor knows his class A, and the Q-20 is an excellent showcase for its sophistication and efficiency in the twenty first century.


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