EWA M-50 Power Amplifiers: Stereo / monoblock pair

EWA M-50 Power Amplifiers: Stereo / monoblock pair

The EWA M-50 is a power amplifier for all occasions. A sophisticated intelligent power supply and implementation of the EWA SECA circuit make the M-50 a fine flag bearer for EWA. Delivering well over fifty Watts of power into eight ohms, one hundred Watts into four ohms and two hundred into two ohms. If you have no speakers, the M-50 might just drive a brick wall! The driver stage of the circuit is 5W SECA (class A), coupled to an extremely fast, over engineered output stage that features four pairs of complimentary output devices per channel.

The M-50 is skillfully engineered to produce music of realistic scale in a true and stable soundstage. The M-50 has complete mastery over powerful dynamic swells in the music whilst maintaining a stable stereo image.

The EWA M-50 has the power reserves to present instantaneous transient events; this speed is also manifest in micro dynamics and textural detail, laying bare every nuance of musical performance and revealing each intimate timbral facet of an instrument. The M-50 is a lens unto a musical performance, whether you take that as a wide panorama, or a detailed tapestry of interrelated tiny details. 

We have not yet been able to locate a competing amplifier for under £6000 that can match the EWA M-50. IEC power inlet fitted as standard.

Now available as monoblocks, for fully dual mono, dual differential balanced amplification.

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