M-50 Power Amplifier

M-50 Power:

Gain: 22V

Power Output:

  • 12W class A

  • 50W/8

  • 100W/4

  • 170W/2

Sliding dynamic bias, P/P class A up to 30KHz.

Bandwidth: 280KHz

DF: 600

The EWA M-50 is a power amplifier for all occasions. A sophisticated intelligent power supply and implementation of the EWA SECA circuit make the M-50 a fine flag bearer for EWA. Delivering over fifty Watts of power into eight ohms, and a hundred Watts into four ohms. If you have no speakers, the M-50 might just drive a brick wall! The first twelve Watts are class A, after which the amplifier operates on A/B. The circuit uses very little negative feedback.

The M-50 is skilfully engineered to produce music of realistic scale in a true and stable soundstage. The M-50 has complete mastery over powerful dynamic swells in the music whilst maintaining a stable stereo image.


Featuring a unique power supply and internal constant currant stage, M-50 has the power reserves to present instantaneous transient events; this speed is also manifest in micro dynamics and textural detail, laying bare every nuance of musical performance and revealing each intimate timbral facet of an instrument. The M-50 is a lens unto a musical performance, whether you take that as a wide panorama, or a detailed tapestry of interrelated tiny details.

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