M-50-P Pre Amplifier

The M-50-P Classic is a stunning pre-amplifier incorporating state of the art SECA (Single Ended Class A) technology for tonally bold and vibrant sound, with incredible textural detail. 


Featuring dual buffered outputs in order to support bi-amplification, and two SECA headphone outputs, the M-50-P is a versatile and powerful listening tool of the utmost pedigree and highest possible performance, able to drive any power amplifier to perform at its utmost potential.


The sophisticated power management and regulation enables the M-50-P to deliver astonishing realism and remain - electrically - very quiet. This incredibly low noise floor is an important part of what makes the M-50-P so very good.


The phono inputs (MM & MC) are especially high performance and can be connected at all times, meaning different combinations of arms/cartridges or even multiple turntables can be switched between simultaneously. This is also true of outputs, meaning two different power amps can be left connected. 

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