Gain: 22V

Power output:

  • 25W/8

  • 50W/4

Resonant power supply

Bandwidth: >300KHz

DF: 120

The EWA Oberon, class A integrated amplifier - resurrecting a previous name used by Colin Wonfor in the past as Inca Tech. Oberon is a class act, class A integrated amplifier meant for the more efficient loudspeaker.


Based on the M-50-P Pre amplifier and in the same chassis, Colin has added one of his cleverest and most sophisticated power supplies to date, and two SECA hybrid power amplifier modules. The Oberon is biased heavily for class A operation and is designed to work beautifully with higher sensitivity loudspeakers. The circuit uses very little negative feedback.

  • Four line inputs

  • Speaker outputs

  • Twin buffered RCA outputs

Oberon operates deep into class A: up to twenty five class A push/pull. This amplifier gets warm, but sounds hotter. Of course, it is also a fully functional M-50-p pre-amplifier, with output to an additional power amplifier (or two, if required). The outputs are buffered, meaning two different amplifiers can be connected at one time, just switch off the one not in use.

Don't overlook the inbuilt high performance, dual output, SECA headphone amplifier.


Colin Wonfor knows his class A, and the Oberon integrated superbly showcases its sophistication and efficiency in the twenty first century.


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