United Kingdom. EWA designs for cables and amplifiers, by Colin Wonfor.

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EWA M-100 Power Amplifier

In Development: The EWA M-100 & M-100 turbo.

Incredibly over-engineered and sophisticated power supplies, bridged SECA circuits, fully dual mono. With both RCA and balanced XLR input.

The M-100 and M-100 turbo both output pure class A (SECA) and as such, feature extraordinary insight into music and the space it occupies. Dynamics as presented by the M-100 can be startling and visceral. It is often the case that a listener finds themselves listening a lot louder than they think, such is the real world level of dynamic realism on offer here. The power available makes the music huge in scale and transient events without the slightest hint of listener fatigue; This power, while extreme for sure, translates into clean and believable music at any volume. This amplifier just won't stop.

Building on the glorious timbre, tone, detail retrieval and textural information that the SECA circuit is so good with - but taking this to it's ultimate expression; overcoming a music systems dynamic compression limitations and completely controlling (utterly dominating) any loudspeaker it is connected to. 

The turbo version is the ultimate upgraded version of the M-100, capable of producing twenty five percent more power and featuring not just one mains transformer per channel but two, with its own internally resolved balanced mains power supply.

The last word in class A power amplifiers.