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Image by Adi Goldstein

EWA The Claymore

Colin Wonfor designed the much loved Claymore amplifier for Inca Tech a long time ago. They sold so well (over 27,000), they were beautifully built, they sound superb and they are still everywhere... many of them are older than me! Six were gold plated..


The new EWA Claymore sounds like the old one, only bigger and much better. Featuring a very high performance phono stage (both MM and MC), three line inputs and pre-outputs.

The EWA Claymore features a very high performance headphone output which will drive the most demanding of headphones. The MM and MC phono stages are also extremely high performance. An IEC power inlet fitted as standard. Claymore now ships with a 6.3mm headphone jack.

Read the recent review of the Claymore by Clive Meakins, here on Enjoy the

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