United Kingdom. EWA designs for cables and amplifiers, by Colin Wonfor.

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The Claymore

Colin Wonfor designed the much loved Claymore amplifier for Inca Tech a long time ago. They sold so well, they were beautifully built, they sound superb and they are still everywhere... many of them are older than me!


The EWA Claymore sounds like the old one, but bigger. The SECA circuit is a essentially a hybrid design consisting of a SECA (Single Ended Class A) input driver stage, and a powerful output stage that operates in class A push/pull. Output is a healthy seventy Watts RMS, and goes on to produce one hundred and twenty Watts into four ohms, making the Claymore an iron fist in a velvet glove. Like the original, only more so, the Claymore is a pacey, ballsy riot of an amplifier which puts you on the front row of any musical performance. With impactful, tangible bass that throws itself across the listening room, warm and richly detailed midrange and insightful treble, the soundstage hangs solidly across the room with real scale, depth and solidity.

The EWA Claymore features a high performance class A headphone output which will drive the most demanding of headphones – again in SECA. The MM and MC phono stages are SECA based and extremely high performance, being derived from the flagship EWA M-50-P.