The EWA cable system was designed from the ground up by Colin Wonfor, and is a third generation development of his groundbreaking original design concepts (link).


Featuring sophisticated design and geometry, a superb and unique inductive shield that is actually designed into the cable itself (plus many other discreet design features), EWA cables re-examine what audio cabling can do.

EWA cables can robustly resist RFI, and do not emit any themselves. To that end, they function as common mode chokes in and of themselves, all but eliminating noise on the signal. This is largely thanks to the built in inductive shielding, which we believe is unique to EWA.

These state of the art cables are designed by EWA and manufactured in several stages using trusted industry partners, utilising bespoke materials - some not used in audio before.

The EWA cable system features unusual conductors that have been adapted for our use. They have their genesis in high frequency, high power electrical components and happen to be ludicrously over-specified for audio. They are not usually found in speaker, signal or power cables!

Colin Wonfor takes the remarkable properties of these conductors and employs them in sympathetic relationship by unique geometry with an integrated EM shield. 

There are multiple conductors for each cable: LS-25 employs fourteen in each leg of the cable (twenty eight in each cable, fifty six in each stereo set). 


LS-40 employs twenty one conductors in each leg. That is forty two per cable, eighty four per stereo set! Of course, the more conductor cores, the better current handling - and bass response of the cable. 


LS-40 has remarkable frequency response and negligible phase shift across the audio frequency - and beyond. For example, for LS-40 the phase change from input > output @ 100KHz is less than 1 degree. No-one else can do that or even get near!

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