United Kingdom. EWA designs for cables and amplifiers, by Colin Wonfor.

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The EWA cable system is designed from the ground up by Colin Wonfor, and are third generation expressions of his original designs.

These state of the art cables are built by our own manufacturers, utilising bespoke materials - many not used in audio before. They incorporate design elements such as litz construction, PTFE dielectrics, very low measured capacitance and unique inductive EMC shielding. This means EWA cables are very good at rejecting electrical and RF noise, and are even noise cancelling! They do this while being extremely wide bandwidth yet completely phase correct at all frequencies.

EWA Loudspeaker
Tellurium Q
EWA Power
EWA power cable products
EWA LS-25 Jump Links
LS-25 and LS-5.
Tellurium Q
EWA Interconnect
EWA IC-25 high performance interconnect.
Tellurium Q
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