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The EWA cable system was designed from the ground up by Colin Wonfor, and is a third generation development of his ground-breaking original design concepts (link).


Featuring advanced design, geometry and materials, a unique inductive shield that is actually designed into the cable itself and many other intelligent design features; EWA cables re-define the role of audio cabling. For example, EWA cables can robustly resist EMI, RFI, and do not emit any themselves. To this end, they themselves function as common mode chokes, all but eliminating unwelcome noise on the precious signal. 

EWA cables feature at their heart very pure, very special conductor cores made for us by Furukawa. Their genesis is in high frequency applications and they are ludicrously over-specified for audio. 

Colin J Wonfor takes the desirable properties of those remarkable conductors and employs them as part of a very advanced design, incorporating a unique inductive shielding built into the cable structure. This involves three further manufacturing stages right here in the UK. Thus clean, distortion free signal at all frequencies with vanishingly low phase angle changes become possible.

For example, LS-40 has negligible phase shifting even far beyond the the audio bandwidth. The phase change from input > output @ 100KHz is less than 0.7 degree over three metres (we had to measure it over three metres, because no phase shifting measurable at one metre). As far as ABCaudio are aware, no-one else can do that or even get near.

There are multiple solid conductors in each loudspeaker and mains cable. Each ultra pure conductor is individually layered with multiple layers of invisible complimentary insulation and protected with three further layers of robust insulation material, all arranged into a litz formation. EWA loudspeaker and mains cables are rated to handle extreme current and voltages instantaneously and with ease.


LS-25 employs fourteen individual conductors in each side (twenty eight in a cable/channel). LS-25 can handle electric peaks in excess of 6000Vrms for over a minute on each side. LS-40 can handle 15000Vrms.


LS-40 employs twenty one conductors in each side, or forty two per cable/channel. Of course, the more conductor cores, the better current handling - and the bass response of the cable. 

LS-50 employs twenty eight conductors in each side, and fifty six in each cable/channel.​

LS-80 is based on LS-40 and features forty two conductors each side, eighty four per channel) - this cable performs like nothing we have ever heard in terms of transient response, imaging, and speed. 

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CV-19: ABCaudio & EWA continue to fulfil orders throughout CV-19 restrictions. We are taking our time to work hygienically and safely.

All products are carefully cleaned with medical alcohol before packing and shipment. 

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