Image by Markus Gjengaar

Colin J Wonfor's experience in data transmission and power supply is impressively broad and deeply comprehensive. The EWA cable system is an effort to demonstrate what audio cables should do, to strip away a barrier between you and your music. It is extremely expensive to manufacture, but on this occasion Colin was able to pursue his purposes without interference from company directors and accountants.

EWA cables utilize litz conductors, based on an extremely refined copper in the case of loudspeaker cables and AC power cables, and ultra-pure silver in the case of interconnects. These wires are sourced from a partner who is a world leader in their field, and are of a bespoke geometry and composition of material, prepared just for EWA.

The insulation material is completely unique to EWA and again is a bespoke formula and material, made from the ground up here in the United Kingdom. Three different manufacturing partners are involved in the preparation of this material, which is then incorporated carefully into the finished product design, enhancing and indeed unleashing the character of our wonderful conductors.

The carefully considered geometry is a completely bespoke calculation to enhance and illustrate fully the potential of our conductor materials. Termination is via finely engineered no-nonsense plugs such as 4mm beryllium copper BFA Z-plugs, plated with nickel then gold. More expensive, premium terminations are also available for those who prefer. We also use a most unusual solder and soldering technique, which we prefer to keep quiet about.

EWA cables are designed to have a very fast impulse response, thus a huge bandwidth meaning phenomenal bass detail and stable three-dimensional imaging. In the 40 range and above we incorporate additional conductors, shielding, and networks to suppress the harmonics of resonant frequency ringing in the cable. The result is even lower system noise floor, exquisite detail, thunderous bass (in terms of scale and impact) and tangible, solid sound staging.


Much of 2021 and early 2022 has been taken up establishing new, UK based supply chains to complement our all-UK based manufacturing and assembly. This has now been accomplished, so we can announce all EWA cables are designed in London, materials sourced, and manufacturing completed (with multiple partners), and finally assembled in Sussex.

Image by Sandy Kawadkar