The EWA cable system was designed from the ground up by Colin Wonfor, the third generation development of his well regarded original design concepts.

These state of the art cables are commissioned by EWA and built by our own manufacturers, utilising bespoke materials - some not used in audio before. Incorporating highly regarded design elements such as litz construction, PTFE dielectrics, low measured capacitance and some less known, such as a superb unique inductive EMC shield built into the insulation. 

EWA cables are designed to be immune to RFI and to not emit any themselves. They function as common mode chokes in and of themselves, all but eliminating noise and phase distortion on the signal. Specs can be found on product pages.

For you, the listener, this means your EWA cable is very good at rejecting electrical and RF noise, and are even noise cancelling. They do this while being extremely wide bandwidth yet completely phase correct at all frequencies.

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