United Kingdom. EWA designs for cables and amplifiers, by Colin Wonfor.

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EWA amplifiers will provide you with the ultimate experience in musicality and loudspeaker control. 

State of the art performance is guaranteed by Colin Wonfor’s peerless experience in power supplies and audio engineering. 


Every EWA amplifier is based on his unique take on Single Ended Class A (SECA) technology, which Colin has been developing for over forty years. Class A amplification (whether valve or Solid State) is the very finest way to listen to your music. All EWA amplifiers use the SECA circuit.

EWA Claymore
Elsdon Wonfor Claymore retro amplifier
EWA M-50-P Pre
Elsdon Wonfor Audio@ M-50-P pre-amplifier. Reference level pre amplifier with twin head amps (single ended class A) and superb phono stages (MM/MC).
EWA M-50 Power
Elsdon Wonfor M-50 Power amplifier: magnificent 50W class A push pull amplifier with enormous damping factor and sophisticated power supplies
EWA Q-20-P pre
EWA Q-20-P Pre amplifier: High performance pore-amplifier and headphone amplifier
EWA Q-20 Power
Elsdon Wonfor Q-20 Power amplifier, 20W class A/B
EWA Oberon class A integrated
EWA M-100 Turbo class A amplifier
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