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ABCaudio assemble EWA cable system products in Sussex, south coast of the UK. We work with EWA to manufacture the raw cables, all financed by ABCaudio sales, and a license paid to EWA for every cable sold. Colin J. Wonfor of EWA retains complete control over his intellectual property and designs. EWA cables are hand built using specialist techniques, tooling, and high temperature soldering to ensure a reliable, long lasting termination.

EWA cables are designed with unconventional materials that have some pretty special properties. This makes termination of these cables very time consuming. What would normally take 10 minutes will take an hour with raw EWA cables, as special care and meticulous procedure must be carefully followed to ensure a high quality, robust product. Because of the difficulty and care required to terminate these cables reliably, the EWA cable system will not be available off the reel for user termination.

ABCaudio exist primarily to support Colin Wonfor (Elsdon & Wonfor Audio). By assembling cables for EWA, we allow Colin the time and freedom to pursue his R&D work, while he handles amplifier assembly.

Colin Wonfor, designer of the EWA cable system, is an acclaimed audio designer, chemist, and power supplies expert. Colin builds the amplifiers himself, in London. ABCaudio handle and process all sales of EWA equipment. Please see About Us: EWA.

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