Who is Colin Wonfor? What has he done? That is a question that requires some answering!

Colin is a highly qualified chemist, an equally qualified and experienced electronics engineer and an acclaimed audio engineer. His preferred speciality is analogue electronics and power supplies. This includes massive high efficiency power supply in large medical and military installations, the I.S.S. power conversion and distribution, three-phase power amplifiers designed to pressure test aircraft fuselage, much work that remains classified for the M.O.D.... and an abiding interest and expertise in audio.

EWA stands for ELSDON & WONFOR AUDIO. A. Elsdon is a long standing, loyal friend of Colin Wonfor, and was an early partner in EWA - hence his name being attached to this project.


With a career this varied, and much of his previous work classified, we needed a general area to describe some of Colin's more esoteric accomplishments. This is merely a tip of a very large, interesting iceberg...


Have you heard of Tellurium Q? They had a very promising start, with a promising technical director...

Class A amplifiers are where it's at. Single ended class A can be even more magical. Who built the largest solid state SECA (Single Ended Class A ) amplifiers ever?

Inca Tech: So named after the first mass produced gold plated mains power plug (Yes, that was Colin as well). They were sold in Harrod's, don't you know... Thousands of these classic amplifiers are still service, forty years later...

Colin can repair and upgrade these, please contact us.

Vintage British MOSFET amplification - hot and heavy, most of the still in service! Plenty of these in use driving large Apogee ribbon speakers...

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